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With the rising energy prices, more and more households across Europe are facing the challenges of fuel poverty. Although the problem is often a complex one, some solutions can be simple and cost-effective. This is what project ACHIEVE showed in five European countries: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Slovenia and the UK.

In three years (from May 2011 – April 2014) ACHIEVE has developed training module for energy advising, trained over 90 energy advisors, designed tools for the implementation of households visits and visited over 1900 households. ACHIEVE worked with them to implement suitable steps to reduce energy use and, of course, costs. On average, ACHIEVE resulted in over 140 EUR and almost 300 kg CO2 of annual savings per visited household:

In addition to the savings the ACHIEVE intervention has brought a lot of additional benefits which are difficult to quantify but also have to be taken into account, such as social benefits for the advisors (developing new skills, gaining knowledge on energy advising, improving their self-confidence because of the satisfying work), social benefits for the households (ability to read and influence their energy and water bills, improving the living comfort of households, reducing health problems, feeling of being empowered and socially included) and benefits for local partners (municipalities save money, social services have a contact partner who can address poor housing and high energy bills).

ACHIEVE demonstrated that different organizations could work together on a multifaceted issue which full scope is often out of the range of any of the individual organizations. In this sense, the project was a catalyst for cooperation in the social, environmental, educational, and practical areas. In such a way ACHIEVE contributed to practical and structural solutions that helped Europeans to reduce fuel poverty.

Final report of the project is available here.

A fuel poor household is one that has a difficulty, or sometimes inability,
to be able to afford its basic energy needs.ACHIEVE consortium

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